OZ Wheels

OZ was established in 1997; a passion for wheels has driven it to become a legend in the automotive world. The victories we have enjoyed alongside the most iconic names in motorsport, and our ongoing quest for success have ensured OZ’s place as industry leader.

OZ produces alloy wheels for the top automotive markets and meets the special requirements of prestigious automotive manufacturers throughout the automotive world. These partnerships have resulted in exclusive projects and extremely high tech wheels of superior design.

In the world of racing, OZ is synonymous with winning and the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Excellence. The OZ promise is to bring the best solution in terms of research, technology, design, quality and value.

  • Italian heritage. OZ is part of the history of the Italian automotive industry. OZ wheels represent Italy on a global level in terms of taste, style, fashion, luxury, art and culture.

  • Racing experience. OZ has amassed more wins than any other wheel brand in the world. And it transfers that know-how and experience to OZ aftermarket products.

  • 100% OZ Quality. OZ produces only TUV certified products, even where local legislation does not make it mandatory. OZ is one of just a few wheel companies utilizing the LBF Biaxial Machine.