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Our product range includes everything from CRC Race Fairings, LighTech accessories, Brembo brakes, to Bonamici accessories and many more! We cater to various models of Honda motorcycles including the popular CBR1000RR, CBR600RR, and the CB1000R range. Each product in our catalogue is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. So, whether you are looking to upgrade your bike for the track or put on some new bling, Reactive Parts has got you covered!


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A brief overview of Honda's History..

Now, let us take a moment to appreciate the rich history of Honda motorcycles. Honda, a renowned Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, has a rich history in motorcycle racing. The company’s founder, Soichiro Honda, declared in 1954 that Honda would enter the Isle of Man TT in Grand Prix motorcycle racing. After five years of development, Honda entered the event in 1959 with the RC142 bike.

Honda’s first race was the Nagoya TT in 1953, where they entered three Dream 3Es and secured second, fourth, and eighteenth place. In June 1959, Honda entered its first World Championship race, the Isle of Man Ultra-Lightweight TT. The following year, Honda contested its first World Championship season and achieved its first podiums.

In the late 1980s, Honda began to enter its production motorcycles in various Superbike or production-based racing series. The most successful of these was the VFR750R, better known by its model number, RC30.

The latest model of Honda’s CBR1000RR, also known as the Fireblade, is a testament to Honda’s commitment to innovation and performance in the world of motorcycle racing which has remained steadfast over the years. The company has shown that it has the technology to compete on the world stage and has successfully spread the Honda name across the globe.

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